Adonit Writer is avaliable now

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Adonit Writer is avaliable now

The wait is over and the Adonit Writer first-generation iPad keyboard case is now available. You can order one for US$99.99 right now from Amazon or from Adonit directly. Hurry though, the Writer will only be available at that price until July 10 -- after that Adonit will raise it to the full price of $109.99.

Still waiting for the iPad 2 version? It's coming along nicely. Adonit is nearing production on it and hope to ship it to Kickstarter backers early next month. It will be available after they finish fulfilling the Kickstarter orders.

If you read my recent review of the keyboard case for the iPad, you know that I was overwhelmingly positive about the Writer. Having now spent a couple of weeks with it, I adore it even more than I did when I wrote the review. It goes everywhere my iPad goes and frees me from having to bring along a laptop whenever I might need to write anything substantial. I also appreciate the flexibility to be able to comfortably type while sitting without a desk or a table. Your millage might vary depending on how you like to sit.

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