HTC's ChaCha shuffles its way through the FCC's clutches with support for AT&T 3G

We know you've all been dreaming of the HTC ChaCha's potential launch on AT&T -- well, okay, maybe not, but we're sure a good handful are for sure -- and if you're lucky, that day could be soon given today's FCC blessing. In case it's slipped your mind, HTC's ChaCha was officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year with a 600MHz CPU -- that's been bumped to 800MHz since we first saw it -- a very winsome and useful QWERTY keypad, a cute little dedicated Facebook button, and of course AT&T 3G bands are now on tap. Sadly, while the FCC does reveal test results, interesting photos of labs studded with foam cones, and even device sticker placement, they don't tell us when a device will launch or what it'll ultimately cost. All that good stuff will be hand delivered to you by us, so keep an eye out and we'll let you know the whole story as soon as we do.