Sony tablet teaser video is breathtaking, not overly informative

Woosh. Plonk. Snap. Like a highly atmospheric scene from your favorite film noir, Sony's teaser video for the S1 and S2 tablets starts off with isolated sounds and a bit of quick motion before settling into a sumptuous, deliberately paced feast for your eyeballs. You might say it's high art posing as a consumer electronics promo, particularly if you compare it to ASUS or Huawei's efforts in the field. There's sadly little in the way of new information, all we really get to witness are the reassuring Android Honeycomb software keys on the larger S1, but this "first impression" clip is the start of a series of ads revolving around a pair of alabaster figurines and their tablet-assisted love affair. Give the play button a bash for your recommended daily dose of awesome.