TiVo Android and iPhone apps in the works, Season Passes soon at your fingertips

Sure, it's technically been possible to manage one's TiVo via the mobile web for a half-decade now, but earlier methods were neither intuitive nor enthralling. Earlier this year, the company released its iPad app -- a diddy that showcases functions like remote control features, ToDo List prioritizing and Season Pass management. After hinting at a number of apps for smaller-screen devices (boasting all manners of operating systems), the latest print edition of CEPro has delivered solid intel that the aforesaid whispers are becoming reality. With Honeycomb slates dropping left, right and center, we're wondering if the Android build will target tablets first and smartphones later -- perhaps even a merged edition once Ice Cream Sandwich crawls from the freezer. Either way, it'll soon make recording season-long reruns of The Hills even easier for those living within iOS or Android ecosystems, including updates from the places you're too embarrassed to mention in public.