HTC ChaCha seemingly confirmed for AT&T, courtesy of leaked press shot

It got its passport stamped by the FCC just a few days ago, but the HTC ChaCha has apparently donned its AT&T costume and already had a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion. The leaked press shot above shows the same cutesy phone with the logo of its future carrier on top, but look even closer and you'll see a few other minor changes when compared to the European version launched at MWC this year. First, the Facebook button at the bottom of the phone is slightly modified, though we're not sure if this means there'll be any different features or functions to go along with it. In addition, a few other keys have been renamed or rearranged, and the screenshot shows a date of July 17; this could be the planned launch date or mere coincidence, but it's difficult to discern at this point. Our skeptical minds aren't certain this is the real dance yet, but at least the song appears to be next up on the playlist.