Gods & Heroes launches today

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.21.11

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Gods & Heroes launches today
It's Tuesday, and that means that somewhere in the wild hinterlands of the internet, an MMORPG is probably gearing up to officially open its doors to the public. Today's starlet is Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, and the long-in-development title from Heatwave Interactive is finally ready for its close-up.

Whether you're into Roman mythology, you yearn for traditional class- and quest-based combat, or you're curious about the title's ancestral estate system (that's player housing, if you're wondering), you'll want to partake of our launch-day roundup that recaps our best and most current Gods & Heroes coverage.

We've got screenshot galleries, hands-on impressions, dev chats, and videos galore, not to mention info about the game's payment plans and pre-order details. What are you waiting for? Hop past the cut for details.
Gods & Heroes releases estate system screens
n a nutshell, your Roman hero will inherit his very own ancestral estate. Unfortunately you'll take possession of the place after it's been razed to the ground by the evil machinations of the Telchinist cult.
Gods & Heroes open beta is here
Friends, Romans, testers: Lend me your ears. It's open beta time for Heatwave Interactive's mythology-inspired Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising MMORPG. Interested fans can sign up today through June 12th and partake of four character classes, personal estates, a minion system, and the first 14 levels of gameplay.
Gods & Heroes first impressions
I've seen the gameplay in Gods & Heroes before. I've played games that were built on the same idea with similar lore, and I've definitely tried games that featured the same kind of quests. I've seen a lot, to say the least, so I really like it when a game surprises me a bit.
Heatwave details Gods & Heroes payment plans
Launch day is coming for Gods & Heroes, and Heatwave Interactive has just announced its introductory subscription options for the North American market. The game, which debuts June 21st, will feature the standard month of free gameplay along with retail or digital download purchases.
Dev chat video details estate system and more
They discuss the upcoming beta patch, which is said to be the biggest patch so far and includes the new quest guide, a full pass on the Mystic class, tweaks on the first 10 levels for each class, and some server-side changes to improve performance.
Gods & Heroes pre-order details
There are some pretty cool systems built into the game right away. You can own your own estate that acts as a headquarters for the army of minions who will fight at your side. That estate can be decorated with not only your pre-order statue but also with different buildings that effect those minions. That way, once you go into battle you and your minions will be fit and ready for the action-based combat.
Class balance discussion
He also says that combat tuning and balancing is an ongoing process, noting that the overall combat feel is much improved even though a few new wrinkles have been introduced during the tweaking process.
Class details and screenshots
While the classes don't stray too far from MMORPG norms, it's nonetheless instructive to see exactly what the game has in store. First up is the Gladiator, who, as you might surmise, exists to do massive melee damage at close range. The Soldier is your basic tank archetype, responsible for juggling aggro and taking a beating for his friends. The Mystic is Gods & Heroes' answer to ranged DPS, while the Priest is, crazily enough, the main healer.
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