Nokia's N950 developer MeeGo handset gets official: 4-inch display, QWERTY keyboard, same childlike dreams (updated)

If it weren't for a book's worth of confirmation text from Nokia, we'd swear the N950 was just as much a unicorn today as it's been every day prior. Even now, the developer version of the newly-announced N9 is coming to us sans imagery, with only a scant few hardware specifications to piece together something of an image in our minds. Thankfully, the mere mention of a "QWERTY keyboard" leads us to believe that it'll look an awful lot like a leak we spied back in August of 2010. Needless to say, this MeeGo-based device won't ever be widely available, but those interested in breaking out the code can look forward to a 4-inch TFT LCD (compared to the N9's far superior 3.9-inch AMOLED), an identical 854 x 480 screen resolution, a "different" 8 megapixel physical camera, a different location for said camera, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a slightly less sensitive magnetometer. It's also devoid of an NFC module, and the 1320mAh battery falls a bit short of the 1450mAh cell tucked with the downright delectable N9. Mum's the word on price and availability, but Nokia's not hesitating to remind us that the N950 units that do ship will be of "beta quality and come without any warranty or support whatsoever." Don't even front -- you're still buying one.

Update: The N950 device after the break was pulled from a Qt developer video looking very much like those early N9 leaks (and not the E7 slider) presumably protected by a plastic case.

Update 2: Another N950 without the case can be seen above.

Update 3: And finally, a proper hands-on of the device has leaked into the wilds courtesy of See it after the break.

[Thanks, Mark and Alan]