65 percent of connected apps run iOS in UK

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The GSMA released its April Mobile Metrics report, which shows that 65% of devices using connected applications in the UK are powered by iOS; about 30% of devices run Android, and a meager 1% use Symbian. This report measures the number of wireless devices that have internet-connected applications. It does not take into account users who fire up their phone to make phone calls and play local games only.

A broader metric from comScore shows a similar trend with the iPhone grabbing 27.6% and Android snagging 24.7% market share in April. Symbian slides into the number three slot with 23.6% of the market, and RIM is number four with 18.1% market share.

Together these two reports show that Apple iOS devices are selling well in the UK, and owners are actively using them on the internet. Numbers like this should be a wake-up call for UK developers looking to break into the mobile app market. iOS should be your primary target, Android your backup.

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