Lodsys requests 2 months to respond to Apple (Updated)

A few weeks ago, Apple filed a motion to intervene in Lodsys' controversial lawsuit against a handful of iOS app developers. Lodsys was required to respond to Apple's request by June 27, 2011, but the company has asked for a two month extension. If a judge approves this extension, Lodsys will have until August 27 to respond to Apple's intervention request.

The patent holding company affirms this extension is not a stall tactic and claims Apple agrees to this delay. If true, this motion may be approved by the judge and developers may have to sweat it out another two months. Lodsys will also be free to broaden its lawsuit by sending out letters to additional developers.

This legal maneuver could put developers in a difficult position. Apple may be stalled for the next two months, while Lodsys decides what to do. Of course, Apple and Google could use this time to work out an agreement with Lodsys. In the meantime, though, Lodsys could continue to breathe down the necks of the development community. Even the most steel-nerved developers may crack under this pressure and sign a licensing agreement just to get Lodsys out of the way.

Update: Lodsys refiled its request and asked for an extension of one month which the judge is likely to grant. The initial two-month extension was done by mistake.

[Via The Loop]