Mike 'Gabe' Krahulik speaks his mind about SWTOR

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Mike 'Gabe' Krahulik speaks his mind about SWTOR
Sometimes being a celebrity in the gaming world has its perks. Take Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade, for example. People instantly recognize him, they want his opinion on everything, and he can get in on any beta he wants. All right, that last bit was a stretch, but he did get into game testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic. And after much begging, the marketing team at BioWare gave "Gabe" the chance to publicly sound off about TOR. Guess what? He loved it.

Based on a statement he made in the Penny Arcade blog, Krahulik believes that this Star Wars MMO lives up to its expectations, unlike another Star Wars MMO from the past. Specifically, he compares questing in The Old Republic to questing in other MMOs: "Turning the quests into an interactive experience makes me care a lot more about them. A quest is still a chance to get XP, money and loot but it's also an opportunity to advance your character towards the dark or light side based on your decisions. In most MMO's taking quests is what you do so that you can go play. In SW:TOR, taking quests is playing."

To catch his full 1200-word write-up on The Old Republic, jump over to the Penny Arcade blog. Find out whether he feels the game is "Star Wars-y" enough and what he thinks of his "shimmering blue glory."
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