CCP addresses EVE controversies in new dev blog

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|06.24.11

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CCP addresses EVE controversies in new dev blog
As controversy burns through New Eden like white-hot internet spaceship exhaust, CCP higher-ups have at last reached out to the EVE Online community via a new dev blog. The piece, authored by senior producer Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, tackles the week's two hot topics in brief fashion.

First up is an attempt to quell the brouhaha surrounding the internal company memo that leaked earlier this week and brought to light some of CCP's discussions regarding future microtransactions. Gylfason defends EVE staffers, who he says were simply following orders by discussing microtransactions in ways that were "exaggerated purposefully to draw contrasts and make points." He also points out that EVE's future RMT implementations are not contained in the memos, as much of the discussion was theoretical in nature.

Finally, Gylfason addresses the hugely controversial prices in EVE's new item shop, and despite the public outcry, he doesn't seem too apologetic. On the contrary, he intimates that the prices will stay and that CCP "will gradually introduce items at other price points, definitely lower and probably higher than what's in the store today." Stick with Massively for more from resident EVE expert Brendan Drain as he talks candidly with CCP about Incarna and the week that was.
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