SageTV users can upgrade to the most recent version for free

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Richard Lawler
June 28th, 2011
SageTV users can upgrade to the most recent version for free
One of the big questions after news broke that Google had acquired SageTV and the store shut down was what would happen to the community, but now at least one bone has been thrown existing users way. GeekTonic points out a post on the official forums with updates that will bring the most recent version 7 of the software to those running older v5 or v6, free of charge. That doesn't put cash back in the pocket of those who already paid for the upgrades, but at least it puts remaining users on a similar platform for themes and plugins to run on. There's also a Q&A available at GT and while the majority of the answers are of the "can't comment on that right now" variety, there are some notable tidbits, like plans to keep the EPG data going for "at least a year" and the predictable news that the current beta of 7.1 is considered "release quality" and will not be updated further.
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