Massively Exclusive: Battle of the Immortals reveals two new instances

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.28.11

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Massively Exclusive: Battle of the Immortals reveals two new instances
Sharpen your swords and fletch your arrows, because when the Titan update hits in Battle of the Immortals, it'll be time to dive into two of the fiercest dungeons known to mankind.

While we've looked at some of the lore behind the Titan update last week, now it's time to get into the nitty-gritty details of what this patch will bring. Perfect World has created two new maps for players to explore -- and exploit -- in their efforts to become big, rich and powerful: Black Dragon Lair and Giants Kingdom.

The update will also include the much-awaited Generation III pets, which can be bred with two Generation II pets of both genders. Generation IIIs feature faster attack speeds and higher damage output, so it's safe to say they'll be highly desired by players.

Battle of the Immortals' Titan update is scheduled for a July release, but in the meanwhile you can read up on the new dungeons in an exclusive dev blog after the jump!

The Battle of the Immortals Titan Update in July will introduce two new maps for players to explore. The new adventure will start here with the Black Dragon Lair and Giants Kingdom! Each map have its own unique boss challenge, and each one loaded with stalwart Soul Gears, and crafting materials that will prepare you to face the God King himself: Kronos!

If you are seeking fame and fortune, then you will want to investigate into the Black Dragon Lair. But be weary of the indwellers! Fenrir, protector of the treasure, will burn all intruders after their loot to cinders! Moser, the mother of all dragons is no easy prey either. With scales tough enough to withstand the strongest weapon, and her black feathers is immune to any elemental magic. She will remind her adversary why she is the strongest creature alive!

The once glorious Giant Kingdom is now nothing more than abolished ruins, inhabited by slaves and technology the Giants have left behind. The remains are being protected by the sentinel Gunk, a robotic magnum opus created with the sole purpose to protect the kingdom. Gunk has now taken over as the ruler of the kingdom, with the aid of other outworldly creatures and mechanical automations; they prohibit any outlander to enter, and will eliminate all threat by any means possible!

Gather your friends and armor yourself to the teeth, meld a powerful Third Generation pet before your set out to these new lands. Because against these elite adversaries, you will need every kind of help you can get.
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