Moto mysteries abound: Droid HD posts to Flickr, new blurry cam pics

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Moto mysteries abound: Droid HD posts to Flickr, new blurry cam pics
Gadget news, like dating and crate digging, is all about the thrill of the hunt. Sure, big press events where you get to manhandle the objects of your desire are fun, but give us Mr. Blurry Cam and some EXIF data any day. With that in mind, we present to you an out of focus pic of what looks like that tweaked Bionic and a reference to the Droid HD on Flickr, coming straight out of the Motorola campus in Libertyville, Illinois (since removed). Now, the two things are not necessarily related, but it's possible that the dual-core LTE handset is getting a new name to match its updated internals and redesigned exterior (though, if it's different inside, outside, and has a new name, is it really the Droid Bionic any more?). We do know that, what began life as the Targa, can capture 1080p video, which matches up nicely with the HD moniker. It's also possible that the pic taker is an as yet unseen device and our (moto)blurry friend above is simply a Bionic destined for another carrier. Either way, we're hooked -- at least until the PR hits our inbox, then it's back in the Mystery Machine.
Droid HD

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