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Screen Grabs: Nokia X7 scores cameo in third Transformers movie, joined by N950 lookalike

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Nokia's hookup with the new Transformers movie runs deep -- some of its international X7 launches have been themed around the Dark of the Moon three-quel that's just come out in cinemas -- so it's no surprise to see plenty of the company's handsets in the film itself. The metal-backed, 4-inch X7 gets the most screen time, quickly showing off Ovi Maps in 3D, but there's also a portrait QWERTY device which may be the recently launched E6 or an earlier model such as the E72. A lot of consternation has also arisen regarding a third Nokia handset glimpsed in Transformers 3, which could well be an N950 running MeeGo, though if you ask us, there's no way a MeeGo phone would take 157 minutes to save the world. We'd expect a double-tap to kill the baddies, an edge-to-edge swipe to get the girl, and a simple flicking gesture to turn the lights out.

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