Firelands crafting recipe drop rate nerfed

Basil Berntsen
B. Berntsen|07.03.11

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Firelands crafting recipe drop rate nerfed
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The recipes that drop from trash in Firelands have had their drop rate nerfed in a recent hotfix:

Hot fixes notes
The rate at which crafting recipes drop has been greatly reduced.

This makes sense from a design perspective; these patterns take some pretty rare boss drops to be made and produce gear on par with normal mode Firelands boss gear drops. On most realms, everyone who is getting the recipes is trying to sell them -- at first, for a lot; however, I've been picking them up for a tenth of what they were being listed for yesterday.

One of the interesting artifacts of this system before the nerf was that the people most likely to get the recipe were people farming reputation by doing trash runs. The people most likely to be able to craft the items were the ones in the more organized and progression-minded raiding groups. Now that the drop rate has been reduced, in a few weeks when more guilds are making it farther into the instance, it's possible that more recipes will drop into the laps of raiding guilds than trash PUGs.

Click past the jump for a list of the recipes that are affected.



Savvy auctioneers beware: While the words "greatly nerfed" may excite you, especially when you think you have a few-hour lead on your competition, remember that these recipes are going to inherently lose value over time. In the short term, yes, they will become less readily available. The demand for them at this point, though, is mostly from speculators and the very small percentage of guilds that are earning Living Embers.

The reason the prices tend to go down is that every single recipe entering the market represents a person who will get the ability to make as many items as they have mats for. Each crafter who wants to be able to make them only needs to buy the recipe once. That said, while Living Embers are not bind on pickup and will simply be added to the cost as their main material, the Chaos Orbs will limit the number of Living Embers that can be turned into gear by a single crafter.

If the newfound rarity of these recipes leads to them cost more for a while, in order for these to be worth buying now for resale later, this window of time when no new recipes enter the market must extend to the point that Living Embers are available for reasonable prices.

Personally, I spent 50k on 10 recipes, and if I can't resell them for a profit, I'll learn them and make them available to my guild.

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