Toshiba Thrive WiFi tablet hitting Best Buy on July 10th?

Toshiba's Thrive -- the Honeycomb tablet that went so long without a name -- has evidently snagged itself a July 10th street date, according to Best Buy's inventory database. If you'll recall, pre-orders for the 10.1-inch pad got underway June 13th, and though we've long been hearing it would go on sale July 10th, Toshiba has only been giving a loose ETA of mid-July. Our tipster's informed us that their particular location's received "quite a few" 16-giggers in-stock, and they're just waiting to shine under the fluorescent showroom lights. So, it'll still be about a week's time until you can get your paws on one, but in the meantime, scoot past the break and you'll find some Thrive packages in the flesh, er, cardboard.

[Thanks, Anonymous]

Toshiba Thrive