Galaxy Tab 10.1 demo video shows TouchWiz on Honeycomb, Mini Apps

GalaxyTab 10.1 demo video shows off TouchWiz on Honeycomb, 'Mini apps'

Surely by now you're mighty familiar with Samsung's Android-conquering Galaxy Tab 10.1, but we're still here waiting on that slate's promised TouchWiz update. Now it's on display, courtesy of an official video posted by the company. Whilst listening to some incredibly jazzy music that will make racing fans think they've accidentally booted into Gran Turismo 5, watch a disembodied hand show off some of the Honeycomb customizations that, for the most part, look fairly unobtrusive, including a bigger, friendlier settings screen. More interesting, though, is a look at the Mini Apps that are accessed by what looks to be a gesture from off the bottom of the display. Six proggies will be available at launch: a calendar, task manager, clock, note pad, calculator, and music player. We're still not sure just when the OTA update will filter out to enable these suckers, but more importantly we're not sure what to call them when it does. Mini Apps isn't doing it for us, and sadly Java already has "applets" locked up tight.

[Thanks, Marc]