Newest Ask Cryptic for Star Trek Online available

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.06.11

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Newest Ask Cryptic for Star Trek Online available
The upcoming launch of Season 4 brings with it a host of changes for Star Trek Online, but as always seems to be the case, players have more features still that they'd like to see in place. The newest Ask Cryptic has just recently been posted, and it answers the many requests for new features that players have clamored for. Better yet, many of those changes are incoming, albeit not quite as soon as players would hope.

Improvements to melee combat, for example, are not in Season 4 right out of the gate. However, the revisions to ground combat make for a perfect time to start implementing more and better melee weapons, with the development team starting in on the process of addressing the core melee issues. Similarly, new hairstyles are being tested with costumes, with the team still working on new arrangements that are visually pleasing for players -- but the new styles are in the works. Star Trek Online players are encouraged to look at the full post and start looking forward to both Season 4 and what's coming after. (And checking out this week's Captain's Log on the topic might not be remiss, either.)
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