JVC's UX-VJ3 and UX-VJ5 speaker docks play (elegant) host to iPad and iPhone

There's not much you can do to spice up speaker docks at this point -- they're pretty much old hat. But what if that dock allowed you to plug in your iPad and iPhone, or iPod simultaneously? Ah, now we have your attention. Slated to hit the land that begot Kurosawa in mid-summer, the JVC UX-VJ3 and UX-VJ5 make their iOS connectivity a folie à deux. Sporting an AM / FM tuner, video out and a PC input, these sleek connectors don't appear to part much from the typical feature set. It's the VJ5 that's the real standout here, with its six apartment-blending color options, USB port and ability to rip MP3s from a built-in CD drive. Sound swanky enough for you? We thought so, but with no announcement on North American availability, lusting audiophiles on these shores have a bit of a wait ahead of them. Check the source to get a glimpse of these iOS displays in their full color spectrum.