Project MGS table reads your iPhone's media, gets you hands-on (video)

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Project MGS table reads your iPhone's media, gets you hands-on (video)
We know what you're thinking -- an iPhone interfacing with a Surface? The gods must be crazy. Well, it isn't and they're not, so relax. This custom-built, multitouch table of Apple interactivity comes from Computer Science undergrads Artem Vovk and Shuo Yang at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany. Aptly titled Project MGS (Media Gathering System), the system enables wireless transfer of your iPhone's media to the infrared camera-equipped tabletop for some Java-based, gesture controlling fun. How does it know the phone's on there? Simple -- the table locates a barcode affixed to the back of your device and, after that, it's just you and all the pinch-zooming, media-playing mayhem you can muster up. The project also supports file transfers between iOS devices, a feature destined for display in future videos. For now, the tech only plays nice with Apple-flavored mobile devices, but the pair promises it can easily make way for future Android connectivity. Hit the break for the full demonstration and its folksy backing track.

[Thanks, Shuo]

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