Tech team-up offers behind-the-scenes glimpse at Apple retail

Here's a post from Fortune that's really intriguing: It's about a company named Lark, that's notable not so much for their product (a wristband that monitors you while you sleep in conjunction with the iPhone), but for the fact that they've decided to retail exclusively in Apple Stores, and all of the caveats and deals that go along with that. Lots of the deal, obviously, is still hidden behind agreements, but the extent to which Apple has gone hands-on with this product is impressive.

When CEO Julia Hu showed up at a Apple expecting to pitch her product, she instead was told that Apple knew all about it, and Apple apparently proceeded to completely redesign her packaging to sell in the Apple Stores, as well as book her on a "roadshow" demo event, specifically to show off Apple products and partners to its retail investors and potential clients.

It's all interesting, and it shows that even when Apple appears to be taking on a somewhat risky bit of tech for big placement in its stores, the company has usually done the research and all the work behind the scenes already.