Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case cloaks your iPad 2 in a MacBook Air duvet

Your friends may think that's a MacBook Air sitting on your coffee table -- but they'd be wrong and would deserve to be ridiculed. Taking its aesthetic cue from the Zaggmate, MIC's new Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case brings both a protective shell and a (nearly) full QWERTY set to your iPad 2. When pressed against the tablet face-to-face, the Buddy Case's magnets will automatically put your iPad to sleep, with its curved back guarding your precious slate from dirt, scratches and Hun invasions. To transition into keyboard mode, all you have to do is slide your 'Pad into a slot and let your fingers roam free. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, this $50 peripheral also allows users to control their iPad's brightness and media playback. Unfortunately, though, it'll only hold your slate at one, fixed angle, so make sure you have a neck before buying one.