Zaggmate iPad keyboard case saturates a market in record time

Alright, folks -- we get it. There's a market for iPad cases with accompanying keyboards. If none of the other options that have emerged over the past few months tickled your fancy, Zagg is introducing yet another to mull over. The Zaggmate actually does manage to differentiate itself fairly well from the competition, with two models being available: one with a keyboard and one without. This clip-on stand can elevate your iPad (positioned horizontally or vertically) for easier viewing, and the "with keyboard" model obviously throws out a full QWERTY set to make those Pages creations somewhat easier to bang out. Currently, Zagg's got this one listed as 'Coming Soon,' with the standard model carrying a $69.99 price tag and the keyboard edition demanding an extra $30. Peek 'em both in their YouTube debuts just after the break.

Update: The Zaggmate was actually hanging around at the CES New York Press Preview last night -- we caught a couple of hands-on shots below, but as you'd expect it's a pretty cheap feeling, plastic keyboard / case. %Gallery-107122%

[Thanks, Adrian]

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