Adonit Writer adds one more option to the iPad folio + keyboard barrage

We weren't too fond of the AIDACASE KeyCase Folio, but we should've known a flood of alternatives would be hitting the market shortly thereafter. Adonit dropped us a line to say that its rival is in the final stages of production and should be ready to order by Christmas, and while the final edition will add a lot of polish, there's a gallery of pre-pro shots just below for your perusal. The Writer iPad folio + keyboard combines a Bluetooth keyboard with a case, and the board itself slides on a magnet for maximum positioning awesomeness. There's also a quick iPad release, auto-keyboard sleep function and an exterior that'll look far sexier than what you're seeing here. Hit the source link to be alerted when it goes on sale, and as for pricing, expect to part ways with $120 or so. Or $420 when combined with a Colorware Grip for iPad. %Gallery-106021%