Nielsen: majority of US app purchases are games, iOS users play twice as long

Apparently, folks in the US love gaming on their mobile devices and really don't mind forking over dead presidents to do so. That's according to a recent 30-day study by Nielsen pertaining to apps across mobile platforms. The company found gaming apps to be the most popular in that period, citing that 64 percent of users played and 93 percent would pay to play. The average amount of time spent gaming was 7.8 hours, although iOS users took the award for most dedicated by nearly doubling that to 14.7 hours. Android loyalists followed with 9.3 hours of fun times, but those with BlackBerry, Windows, and "feature phones" kept things closer to business hitting under five hours each. Also notable, is that people rocking Berries and dumbphones usually opted for pre-installed games over downloads. You'll find the full breakdown by hitting the source link, and we'll get back to besting our Real Racing 2 lap times.