Engadget Podcast 247 - 07.08.2011

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|07.08.11

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Trent Wolbe
July 8th, 2011
Engadget Podcast 247 - 07.08.2011
BW, LON is our new favorite abbreviation. In addition to kind of looking like something you'd type into a graphing calculator, it also means means big week, lots of news: in the hardware department, we've got reviews of HP's latest tactile offering and a hazy outlook on Apple's next communications device. Software's riding out another week of Google+ and finding out what it's like to be more video-centric on facebook. Lots going on in legal, too, with patent trolls of various calibers doing their thangs. We managed to hang on to Engadget founder Peter Rojas after The Engadget Show to rope it all in, too, so come join us, won't you?

Host: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater
Guest: Peter Rojas
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Mo Money Mo Problems

00:01:46 - Flush with success, Microsoft hopes Samsung will be its next Android patent bounty
00:03:00 - Microsoft and Wistron come to terms in royalty agreement, Android and Chrome OS now targeted
00:05:00 - Microsoft inks Android patent deal with Velocity Micro -- sound familiar?
00:09:02 - Sony brings PSN back online in Japan, wants us to forget about all that hacking nonsense
00:11:10 - Can HP turn around the TouchPad?
00:30:18 - HP TouchSmart 610 review
00:36:17 - Skype comes to Facebook, and Facebook comes to Skype (update: available now!)
00:39:00 - Facebook video chat and Skype 5.5 beta hands-on
00:44:26 - Google+ iOS app already submitted for Apple's approval, employee says
00:46:15 - Google+ sneaks NFC into its Android app, gets caught red-handed
00:46:49 - Google+ to require that profiles be visible to all, will boot private profiles after July 31st
00:49:27 - Picasa, Blogger to get renamed: now with more Google?
00:50:35 - Motorola Droid 3 up for order, helps to usher in Verizon's new data plans
00:55:00 - iPhone 5 / 4S: the rumor roundup
01:03:50 - Spotify is coming to the US, invites are open now
01:08:10 - Listener questions

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