3G ASUS Eee Pad Transformer spotted online, priced starting at 499 euros

By this time, hopefully, all of you who were on the hunt for a Transformer finally got your mitts on one. If you were holding out for the 3G version, though, you can stop fidgeting -- it's already been priced in mainland Europe, putting it almost a month ahead of its expected arrival in the UK. Notebook Italia spotted both the 16GB and 32GB iterations listed online, fetching €499 and €599, respectively, VAT included. Notebook Italia also grabbed a screenshot of an updated product page on ASUS's Italian site, though when we peeped the listing we just found the WiFi-only versions, with predictably lower prices to match. Either way you slice it, though, both the instruction manual and illustrated product guide are alive and well on ASUS' site, suggesting you should see this on the streets of Milano soon enough.

[Thanks, Marco]