Florida Apple Store expands, Hong Kong construction begins, Ala Moana coming soon

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Florida Apple Store expands, Hong Kong construction begins, Ala Moana coming soon

When you're one of the top retailers in the world, you need to stay on top of your game. There's news of Apple Store expansion, new construction, and renovation coming from all around the world.

First, ifoAppleStore is reporting that the Mall at Millenia Apple Store in Orlando, Florida is going to be moving to a new, much larger location sometime in 2012. The existing store is long and narrow, and was constantly packed, so Apple outbid Z Gallerie on a space on the upper level of the mall that is over twice the size.

Next, 9 to 5 Mac provided intel that the flagship Apple Store being constructed at the IFC Center in Hong Kong is now hidden behind a large construction curtain (above). The store is expected to be Apple's most expensive in the world, rent-wise, and might open as soon as this fall. Oddly enough, Apple is also expected to open a smaller store nearby at Pacific Place.

TUAW tipster E sent us three photos of the construction of the new Apple Store at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. The open storefront visible in one of the photos in the gallery below is a temporary store to keep those dollars flowing in while the construction is underway.


Considering the shaky state of the global economy, it's wonderful to see that Apple is continuing to look to a more prosperous future.

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