Icarus and GamersFirst collaborate on new MMO

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Icarus and GamersFirst collaborate on new MMO
Icarus Studios and Gamersfirst's Reloaded Productions have announced today that the two studios will be partnering yet again on an upcoming MMORPG. The game, titled Hailan Rising, will be based on Icarus' xScape platform, which is being modified to support Unity 3D.

Hailan Rising is "slated to be the industry's first full scale PvP-based Fantasy MMORPG developed in Unity 3D," and places players in the role of one of eight character classes in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Hailan. After the world is destroyed by a huge flood, land is at a premium, so players must battle it out for the newly created islands and the resources they hold. For more information on this upcoming title, head over to the game's official site.
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