Haier's HaiPad ships in August, to become the preferred tablet of lolcats everywhere

We thought Haier's HaiPad looked oddly familiar, and a quick trip down memory lane suggests we aren't (completely) bonkers: it's a rebranded Quanta we spied at CES. The 7-inch slate now sports a custom Froyo skin from DianXin, an 800MHz processor, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, and a WCDMA radio. We're told that last antenna provides the slate with phone and texting capabilities just like some versions of another 7-incher we know. Also present are "dual-cameras" (which we assume means one on each plane), availability in five "stylish" hues, and a vague August ship date. With less than a month to scrounge up 3,299 RMB (about $500) and train to fight off thousands of felines, you had better get cracking.

[Thanks, Marco]