Hauppauge USB CableCARD tuner announced on Facebook, ships later this month for $129

It seems like just yesterday that we couldn't find a CableCARD tuner anywhere, and news that Hauppauge has has announced a name, price for its new device highlights what has suddenly become a flood of ways to get pay-TV on your HTPC. MissingRemote dug up a post on Hauppauge's Facebook page announcing the dual tuner WinTV-DCR-2650, which it developed in partnership with SiliconDust and plans to ship by the end of this month for just $129. It's already certified by CableLabs so everything appears to be ready to go, with preorders apparently ready to begin Monday through the company's direct store and Amazon. Are any of you canceling a HDHomeRun/InfiniTV 4 order and switching over?

[Thanks, Craig, Brian & Joe]