Caption Contest: A heaping helping of wearable music

Brian Heater
B. Heater|07.14.11

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Caption Contest: A heaping helping of wearable music
Is this the new musical Power Glove? Imogen Heap thinks so. The Grammy winner rocked the stylish hand warmers at a TEDGlobal 2011 event in Edinburgh, Scotland, creating gesture-based music during a four-minute demonstration, with the gloves wirelessly connected to a nearby laptop. Could this be the death of the theremin as we know it, or just another good excuse to do a caption contest?

Brian: "Imogen there's no heaven."
Terrence: "Ms. Heap hard at work on a sequel to the NES "classic" Bad Street Brawler, tentatively titled Street Corner Complainer."
Darren: "Seriously? Wires?"
Brad: "Now if only I could find some oven mitts that would magically bake cookies for me, I'd be set!"
Jon: "Force enhancing gloves allow Imogen to one up Luke, raise X-Wing."
Tim: "Do I look intense enough now? Too pensive? What if I tilt my head up a bit further?"
Amar: "And then they handed me the Grammy and I grabbed it like this and then -- oh, have I already told you this story?"
Dante: "What do you mean they aren't cashmere?!?!"
Joseph: "So I was holding Bjork's leg up like this, but she still couldn't get over Madonna's gate."
Sean: "To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there's the rub..."
Christopher: "Please sir, I beg you -- don't take my Flowbee away."
Richard Lai: "Ceiling cat, come to momma."

[Image credit: University of the West of England]
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