Lego folding farm fights cancer, looks good doing it

Sure, this Lego monstrosity isn't as cute or agile as some other plastic brick creations we've seen, but can those works of snap-together art cure cancer? OK, this folding farm might not actually put an end to tumors, but it can churn out 135,000 points of crunching power per-day in IBMs World Community Grid. Inside are actually three separate PCs powered by a trio of Core i7 2600ks and a single, massive 1,200-watt power supply. But who cares about that -- just look at all those bricks! About 2,000 of them, along with a few aluminum bars, make up this DIY case. And, thanks to the over-sized supply and modular design, creator Mike Schropp can easily stack another system or two on top, should it tickle his fancy. We'll leave you with some advice from Mr. Schropp -- should you ever be working on a project and unable to find exactly what you're looking for, just stop and ask yourself, "can I use Legos?"