Mystery Lenovo Tablet tries to sneak through the FCC, 7-inch IdeaPad on the way?

Tell Sally Kimball to grab her bike, looks like we're gonna have to leave Idaville to solve this mystery. What appears to be a brand new tablet from the fine folks at Lenovo just tried to sneak its way through the FCC, bearing the model numbers IdeaPad A1-07 and LePad A1-07. There is a chance, however remote, this could be LePad successor CEO Yang Yuanqing said would be coming in September or October. But, with the K1 and P1 having only recently emerged from the shadowy back alleys of Leaktown, it's hard to imagine the Chinese manufacturer is already prepping a follow up. The "07" implies this could be a 7-inch sibling of those 10-inch slates, but we're just taking shots in the dark. The only thing we know for certain is the A1-07 sports Bluetooth -- not terribly surprising. If you're the type who likes line graphs and regulatory labels make sure to hit up the source link.