Visualized: this gel-filled Sprint head is testing all sorts of futurephones

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.22.11

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Visualized: this gel-filled Sprint head is testing all sorts of futurephones
Chamber testing is most certainly nothing new for your average carrier -- every one of the big boys here in the States already does something similar to this -- but it's not often that we're given an inside look at what exactly happens within those elusive doors. During a recent Sprint campus walkthrough, we peeked into the carrier's network development lab for a glimpse at what it takes to certify a phone for use on its network. Granted, the vast majority of Sprint's testing is done elsewhere across the industry, and we were informed that the yellow dome shown above is actually a minty fresh model that includes "gel" within its borders, seemingly to produce a more realistic testing ground. You know -- because human brains are clearly shrinking, while craniums are being increasingly filled with nondescript fluids. All jesting aside, we were told that this is the place where Sprint ensures Antennagate never comes to its side of town, and every Now Network phone (present and future) has to roll through here before being allowed out. The reason? Sprint needs to be absolutely certain that there's no stray radio emissions bleeding into frequencies that it doesn't support, and of course, to ask the Verizon guy if he can hear him now.

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