Sun CEO's deleted blog post to help end Oracle vs Google patent dispute?

Ever heard of estoppel? The term, sadly, does not denote a new German electronic bus service, but is rather a court-ordered way of telling companies "no backsies" on previously made public statements. It could also prove to be another nail in Oracle's patent dispute coffin, should Google's latest Wayback Machine defense hold up. Thanks to the internet's never say die policy, a 2007 post, recently deleted by Oracle, from Sun Microsystem's then CEO Jonathan Schwartz has surfaced, in which he enthusiastically endorsed Android's Java base. The public statement falls in line with the aforementioned legal doctrine, potentially contradicting new owner Oracle's patent infringement claims. Unfortunately for both parties, Judge William Alsup doesn't seem to be too cool under the collar as he's reportedly blasted each for "asking for the moon" and chiding them to "be more reasonable." A final ruling in this case is still a ways off, but in the meantime you can head to the source to read Schwartz's damning praise for yourself.