(Two) Grand Central locals worry about an Apple Store

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.26.11

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(Two) Grand Central locals worry about an Apple Store

New York's PIX11 has a report up about the new Apple Store that was just confirmed to be installed right in the middle of Grand Central Terminal. While most are excited about the idea, some are not. One Grand Central visitor complains that the place is already too crowded (it is, after all, Grand Central), while the other worries that putting an Apple Store in such a historic, classic place "will take away from it all."

Of course, that's two people out of the 500,000 who pass through the commuter hub daily. We'll presume that -- especially if Apple got the paperwork done -- most New Yorkers won't mind having yet another Apple Store in their fair city.

As for the guy who thinks an Apple Store would ugly up the place, is that really a concern? Apple retail spots are about as beautiful as a store can get, and this one's meant to be designed all out of glass, in order to fit right in with the rest of the building. Would you rather have yet another big orange-and-yellow Jamba Juice in there?

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