Dell Streak 10 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1... fight!

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Dell Streak 10 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1... fight!
Why look at this! Samsung's very own Galaxy Tab 10.1 decided to stop by in Beijing to greet Dell's latest tablet. As mentioned in our hands-on post, it's clear that the Streak 10 Pro would need to go on a little diet to match the Korean tablet's lovely figure and weight, though the latter won't be released in the country until some time next month. Also, there's no doubt that Sammy will continue to ask for a premium price in exchange for the better display and portability, so our wallets will be the final judge. For now, just enjoy our quick and dirty comparison photos in the gallery below. You're welcome.

Update: It appears that some of our readers are missing the point: the 16GB WiFi Galaxy Tab 10.1 is being sold for $499 in the US, and it'll most likely be more expensive in China; whereas the Streak 10 Pro is priced at just ¥2,999 ($465). So again, you get what you pay for.
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