Did the Samsung Galaxy S II with NFC just hit the FCC?

Hooray, another Samsung phone made it through the FCC, and it looks like it could be another Galaxy S II variant. No, it's not the Tegra 2-clad version. Nor is it the one with WiMAX. Heck, it's not even the GT-i9100 that showed up in March. Nay, it's the Samsung i777, a new form of the phone sequel we've been pulling our hair out in anticipation for. What's so great about this candidate? It's rocking an NFC antenna on the battery cover and utilizes 850 / 1900 bands in the WCDMA / HSPA variety, making it a tasty target for users on AT&T, Bell, Rogers, or Telus. The phone's dimensions are identical with Europe's current model, which nearly seals the deal on its likely association with the Galaxy S II lineup. Annoyed that this beauty is cradled in some FCC tester's hands and not yours? Fret not, August is quickly approaching.