Spotify sued by PacketVideo for patent infringement

We imagine getting smacked with a lawsuit soon after landing Stateside isn't quite the welcome wagon Spotify had hoped for. Alas, PacketVideo isn't interested in jamming with this musical newcomer, and has instead picked a patent fight with Spotify in the Southern District of California. The patent in question is for streaming music in digital form from a central source, and it's been licensed by mobile mavens Verizon, NTT DoCoMo, and Orange. According to the complaint, PacketVideo told Spotify in May about its IP, but Spotify wasn't picking up what PacketVideo was putting down, and continued its supposedly infringing ways. Thus, the present action was filed and now PacketVideo is seeking a permanent injunction and triple damages due to Spotify's alleged willful infringement. Of course, this is only the opening salvo in what could easily become a lengthy dispute, so feel free to break out the popcorn while we wait for Spotify's response.