ASUS Eee Slider update: 32GB model in September, 3G edition in 2012

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.01.11

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ASUS Eee Slider update: 32GB model in September, 3G edition in 2012
You know, it wouldn't even bother us if it didn't look so amazing. But alas, the Eee Slider from ASUS is easily one of the most anticipated Honeycomb tablets around, and our unending love for the since-departed HTC Advantage ensures that the flame for this guy will keep burning, too. Just a few weeks after hearing from ASUS' UK branch that the Slider was being delayed until 'autumn,' in flies word from The Netherlands that we may be able to fix our gaze on September. Based on reports from Tablets Magazine, the 16GB model will be canned altogether in favor of a lone 32 gigger, which should sell for €499 across the pond. As for the 3G-enabled variant? We aren't apt to see that surface until Q1 2012. It's tough to pinpoint the reason for the holdup, but our guess is software -- earlier in the week, a hands-on video emerged showcasing the Slider with Android 3.1, paying particular attention to the newfound USB accessory support. Have a gander at the video just past the break, and feel free to console one another in comments.

Update: Seems that ASUS' Polish arm thinks that the 16GB model may ship in that corner of the world. Hmm... maybe these folks should start talking to one another.

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