TUAW's Daily iPad App: ScreenChomp (and Camtasia giveaway)

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TUAW's Daily iPad App: ScreenChomp (and Camtasia giveaway)

When most people think about developer TechSmith, they think of the company's big products like Camtasia and SnagIt. Now the company has come out with a fun little app for kids of all ages that brings video screen capture to the iPad. ScreenChomp is a free whiteboard app that captures everything that's drawn on the screen to a video that can then be shared with others.

Not only does ScreenChomp work with the whiteboard, but it imports photos from your iPad Photo Library as well. The result? Well, it's really easy to draw a big pirate mustache and dark goatee on just about anyone, record a soundtrack, and have a blast.

There's more to ScreenChomp than just fun and games. TechSmith sees this as a tool for teachers to explain concepts and record their drawings and explanations for posterity. The sharing capability is tied to a specific iPad -- there's no account to sign up for, you just tap a button to have the screen capture sent to ScreenChomp.com. ScreenChomp also allows sharing with Facebook accounts, and the URL for your opus on the ScreenChomp website is easily sent to friends or students.

For students, they can draw and narrate their own movies for free. The app is extremely simple to use and cutely animated with the ScreenChomp mascot seen in the icon at the top of the post. There's only one downside for parents who show their kids ScreenChomp -- I don't think you'll ever get your iPad back from your child.


TechSmith has also provided TUAW with two licenses for Camtasia for Mac valued at US$99 each. To have a possibility of winning one of these licenses, keep an eye on the @TUAW Twitter account later this afternoon. We'll post the two product keys at a random time. Once you see one, grab it, download Camtasia for Mac (email required) from the TechSmith website, and then paste in the product key. If you happen to be the first person to use that product key, you're a winner.

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