Wireless snooping WASP drone knows you want extra jalapeños, no sliced tomato

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|08.01.11

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This fearsome contraption is the handiwork of a couple of amateur DEFCON-types who reckoned that any self-respecting spy plane ought to be able to impersonate cellphone towers. And that's exactly what the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform does -- it tricks AT&T and T-Mobile handsets into connecting to it, then re-routes the incoming calls via VOIP so they don't drop, while simultaneously recording all conversations to 32GB of onboard storage. It can also handle a bit of WiFi snooping on the side, thanks to a Linux-based hacking toolkit and a 340 million word dictionary for guessing passwords. What's more, the WASP apparently achieves all of this without breaking a single FCC regulation. So, er, that's fine then. Oh yeah, and we don't want any of that stuffed crust nonsense, you hear?
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