Pandigital's Nova Android tablet hits Best Buy, explodes for $170

Pandigital has added a new star to its growing galaxy of e-readers, with the Nova Digital Reader -- a seven-inch, Android 2.3-powered slate that looks awfully similar to that eight-inch Super Nova we recently spotted at the FCC. The tablet, which just popped up at Best Buy, is powered by an 800MHz processor, offers 4GB of internal storage, and features an ActiveTouch display with 800x600 resolution. Much like its forerunners, the Novel and the Planet, the Nova also connects directly to the Barnes and Noble bookstore, and sports a pair of front- and rear-facing cameras. Aside from that, you'll find the usual 802.11 b/g/n wireless capabilities, a built-in microSD card slot, and a micro HDMI port, all packed within a frame that's half-an-inch thick. Persuaded? Grab your 'scope and zoom in on the source link to purchase.

[Thanks, Charlie]