HTC explains official bootloader unlock process, asks you to sign away your warranty

You didn't think HTC was just going let you run wild with an unlocked bootloader and not require some sort of trade-off, did you? Of course not, that's why CEO Peter Chou updated the firm's Facebook page to spill the beans on the devil's deal. Yes, you'll be given the freedom to unlock your bootloader, but only after you accept a disclaimer notifying you that "all or parts" of your warranty may be null and void. After that it's all SDKs, device identifier tokens and unlock keys. It may be a little disappointing to discover that the official unlock procedure lacks complete support, but nobody ever said that freedom was without its risks. Chou reiterated that updates for the HTC Sensation and HTC EVO 3D will come later this month, making them the first devices eligible to lose their warranty use the unlock tool. Hit the source link below to see Chou explain the process on HTC's Facebook page.