Doom 3 source code going free after Rage launch

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Doom 3 source code going free after Rage launch
You've been waiting to get your mitts on the source code to Doom 3 (how do you type with those mitts on?), and your time is almost here. First announced at QuakeCon 2009, John Carmack confirmed plans today, during QuakeCon 2011, to release the source to the 2004 FPS following the launch of id's new hotness, Rage. The code will be released this year.

According to VG247's liveblog, Carmack said in his keynote that these releases of Id code are a "challenge to other developers," and are beneficial to both Id and "the community." They're also a QuakeCon tradition -- last year, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Return to Castle Wolfenstein were opened up.

In related news, the Doom & Quake Complete Pack is on sale on Steam right now for $30.
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