Aika's Epic II: Exodus expansion debuts August 11th

Next week is a big one for fans of Aika Online, as the free-to-play fantasy title will be rolling out its first expansion. The patch is called Epic II: Exodus, and judging by the amount of new content in gPotato's latest press blurb, epic is an apt descriptor.

Aika players are getting a new zone, a level cap increase (to 75), new mounts, and a few choice pre-launch bonus events. These include triple (yes, triple) XP and play-for-rewards summer events which offer a laundry list of cool prizes just for logging in. As for the new zone, Traband was formerly a temperate and beautiful island but is now a frozen wasteland "where only the most bloodthirsty beasts survive." That's OK, though, because what self-respecting MMO adventurer wants to hang out in a tropical safe zone bereft of killable monsters?

The Aika website has more details on Epic II, and you'll also find the client download front and center on the new splash page.