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Tamer version of Heavy Rain to be re-released in Europe [update]

PEGI, the European video games rating board, recently published an evaluation for Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée, an apparently toned-down version of Quantic Dream's interactive drama which will carry a PEGI 16 rating (marked down from the original's PEGI 18 rating). Little is known about the content or reasoning behind the new, minor-friendly version of the game, but as the PEGI rating mentions an August 3 release date, it'll probably start showing up on European store shelves soon.

So, what's getting cut in the Edition Modifiée? According to the PEGI ratings, the original's "extreme violence" and "violence towards defenceless people" have been downgraded to "realistic-looking violence." We can't wait to see how this changes the game's more intense sequences. For instance, there's that one scene, during which you have five minutes to improvise a tool which you can use to cut your fingernails.

Update: Looks like the tamer edition isn't releasing Europe-wide -- a Sony representative confirmed to Eurogamer that the new version "is just a small initiative for France only."