Tesla Model X SUV to launch in December, will be gliding quietly down the highway by 2014

Well, it's not often that we hear about products being ahead of schedule. Telsa CEO Elon Musk presented some forward-looking statements during his company's quarterly earnings call this week, revealing a mid-December time frame for the unveiling of its Model X prototype, which could hit streets as soon as 2014. There hasn't been any hint as to pricing for the all-electric SUV, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Tesla's X priced comparably to BMW's identically named X model hybrid SUV -- think sub-$100,000, not "affordable." With plans to produce only 15,000 per year beginning in 2013, a high price tag won't be the only thing keeping Tesla from fulfilling the dream of having an electric car in every driveway. Range has been another obstacle for electric car makers, but with new charging stations popping up on a regular basis, we may be able to make the 165-mile drive from New York City to Albany with slightly less anxiety by the time mid-decade rolls around.